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About Rumsfeld Invaders:

Rumsfeld Invaders is a fun video game based on the Atari 2600's famous Space Invaders. There are 2 versions of Rumsfeld Invaders on this site: one in Flash (click "New Game" above middle) and one in Visual Basic (click the link above left to download or play the Updated Version). Kick Rumsfeld Butt!

When you've finished off Rumsfeld, you can go to Level 2 where you face PResident Evil (Dick Cheney, of course). Also try playing "JackAsstroids" based on the Atari 2600's famous Asteroids where you clean up Washington DC's Culture of Corruption starting with Jack Abramoff and Rumsfeld.

About Rumsfeld:

Rumsfeld, the US Secretary of Defense, is waging war. He prefers bombs over diplomacy, and killing over humanitarian aid. He has re-started the Cold War and revived Reagan's defunct "Star Wars" missile program. Rumsfeld has pulled out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty with Russia (the basis for international disarmament). Military spending was at least $342 billion in 2002. Spending on renewable energy was only $377 million (1/1000th as much). Rumsfeld poses a clear and present danger to the United States, our national security, the survival of our species and a million others, and peace-loving people around the world. We must pre-empt Rumsfeld's type of mental illness before it destroys us.

It is up to you to stop him.

2nd Term Update - November 2004:

Well, after 4 years of Rumsfeld, and 4 years of Rumsfeld Invaders, Rumsfeld the man has lived down to our expectations and brought us the invasions we expected when we made this site in 2001. Many in the Bush Administration have resigned (Ashcroft, Nature Hater Norton, Scooter Libby), but not Rumsfeld. No, we expect another 4 years with him. And there are at least 50 million American voters who do not approve. And the threats are piling up: The Project for a New American Century is pushing for oil plundering/Arctic Refuge drilling, global unilateral empire, an arms race against ourself, and militarization of everything. A worldview leading to chaos, destruction, and death. Meanwhile, back on Earth, this website has over 30,000 hits. We hope to update this site throughout the second term, including more content and more angles on activism, humor, and creativity. We need ways to stop Rumsfeld. The world is counting on you. Check back often, and when the headlines start looking troublesome, a quick game of Rumsfeld Invaders might do the trick.

Rumsfeld's Resignation Update - November 2006:

On November 8, 2006, Donald Rumsfeld resigned as Secretary of Defense. After 6 years of struggle, against adversity, in the face of American flag stickers in the back windows of Hummers, when the media had been infiltrated by gay Republican operatives and worshipped the devil, when only violence and Constitution shredding were seen as patriotic and Murtha was still waiting to see how things would go, when the Senate Intelligence Committee was acting like an oxymoron...We knew that only by making fun of Rumsfeld by playing a version of Space Invaders on the Atari 2600 featuring Rumsfeld would America awaken to the stupidity of his policies and save our country from further disaster.

Sadly, it took 6 years for America to come to its senses. With a new House and Senate and potential investigations looming, Rumsfeld resigned as Secretary of Defense. But let's not celebrate too soon. The war in Iraq is still quagmiring along. Death every day. The U.S. Treasury is being drained (if there's anything left), and the no-bid contracts are still being awarded to Halliburton. Cheney is still #2, and I wouldn't be suprised if he still talks to Rumsfeld every day on the phone. Prisoners are being rendited, and probably tortured, with no American provision for humane treatment, the Geneva Conventions, or habeas corpus.

Donald H. Rumsfeld might have stepped down as Secretary of Defense, but, like Kissinger, he may be lurking the shadows for a long time to come. This site will remain up until the wrongs committed by Rumsfeld are righted. Will House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi kick sufficient Rumsfeld Butt? Nancy, feel free to subpoena Rummy, and ask him the tough questions. He cut and ran before you could get him to testify, but it's not too late for a War Crimes Tribunal. Maybe we'll even let him have access to an attorney and due process of the law. Maybe.

Even though Rumsfeld is a lame duck, we will continue our mission: More humanitarianism and less bombs. More healthy people, clean water, and Millennium Development Goals, and less threats, lies, and swagger. More Chihuahuas, less Hummers.

And now, on to Level 2: Cheney. We need ways to stop Cheney. The world is counting on you. Check back often, and when the headlines start looking troublesome, a quick game of Rumsfeld Invaders might do the trick.

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